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Wink Tokki


Left wink,
Right wink

Wink Tokki

Not Minted

Wink Tokki winks.

Wink Tokki's Wink signals,
The Tokki Code unfolds.

Wink Tokki's wink spreads
The signals of the Circle World.


Wink Tokki's homeland is the Circle World beyond.
Wink Tokki receives signals from the Circle World and broadcasts them to the cosmos.

So, Wink Tokki winks again today.

The signals are recorded
in the Tokki Code
within the Tokki Book.

This began in 1998, as of 2023,
the <Tokki Book> spans 9 volumes - 12,000 pages.

All the pages of this book are recorded in Tokki Code.
New stories are added, and the format of the Tokki Code is updated.

The Tokki Code algorithm

Hong Hak-soon created the Tokki Code to record what's contained within Wink Tokki's wink signals.

The Tokki Code is a drawing style that incorporates an algorithm.
This algorithm has evolved through a creative process that began in 1998.


Hong Hak-soon :

creator of the Wink Tokki World.

Symmetry + Connection =



Hong Hak-soon referred to the basic structure of the Tokki Code as 'Symmetry Connection.' The 'Symmetry Connection' in the Circle World carries a mystical meaning not found in dictionaries. To Wink Tokki, 'Symmetry' and 'Connection' are inseparable as one word.


Wink Tokki said,


"'Symmetry' + 'Connection' = 'Symmetricon.'"

Hong Hak-soon exclaimed,

"Wink Tokki has coined a new term!"

and embraced the compound word 'Symmetricon.'

"Hello I am Wink tokki.
I love Symmetricon.
It's everywhere,
but it's invisible."

The visible and the invisible

In the Circle World, the signals are invisible. Someone is making them visible. They are Wink Tokki and Hong Hak-soon. Wink Tokki marks with winks, and Hong Hak-soon marks with the Tokki Code.

Wink Tokki said,


"The visible and the invisible are not predetermined."


But does Wink Tokki only wink?

Does Hong Hak-soon only create Tokki Books in the Tokki Code?


No! That's not all.

There are Wink Tokki's cosmic friends.

The Cosmic Friends

Wink Tokki and cosmic friends, a diverse cast of characters,

Scattered throughout the cosmic expanse, like stardust in the breeze. 

what's the cosmic buzz?

Animation, painting, text, graphic!

Meet The diverse Wink Tokki Art Series.


Wink Tokki World

Wink Tokki World consists of

from Tokki code to cosmic friends

the unique spacetime.

Circle World

Cosmos Digit

Deer Forest

Instinct Beauty Salon

Squirrel Community Center


New story series

The Wink Tokki World's stories are slowly

and simultaneously revealing.

Wink Tokki NFT



is the Tokki Code contained

 within the 12,000 pages of the Tokki Book.


 is the stories of

Wink Tokki and Cosmic Friends.


'0' and '1' are complete on their own,

and when combined,

they create a new layer of excitement.


With this mindset, 

I am creating Wink Tokki NFTs.


- Hong Hak-soon


New Wink Tokki NFT is composed of various series. The release will gradually unfold starting on October 20, 2023.

The spacetime

of the Wink Tokki World




is the Tokki Code.


is the Cosmic Friends.

The closer to '0,'

the more it invisible spacetime.


The closer to '1,'

the more it visible spacetime.

So, what about '0.5'?


is Wink  Tokki.

0 and 1 are interconnected

with various spacetimes.

The form of Wink Tokki artworks changes
depending on what spacetime serves as
the background.

'The visible and the invisible

are not predetermined.'

- Wink Tokki -

The Artworks below depict

spacetimes of '0,' '0.5,' and '1.


it's just an example for today.

The Wink Tokki World evolves.


- Hong Hak-soon







Wink Tokki Art Showcase

Our site provides updates

on Wink Tokki exhibitions

and offline projects.


Title : Wink Tokki's peom

Wink Tokki loves 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Wink Tokki and cosmic friends.


Wink Tokki is the Tokki code.

Squirrels are the Acorn code.


A repeating day,

Unpredictable tales.


However you see it, it's a 'Symmetricon.'

Hello again today! Wink Tokki World.

Hello, I am Wink Tokki.

My homeland is Circle World.

I receive signals from Circle World

and spread them throughout the Cosmos,

which is why I wink.


Wink Tokki

Hello! I'm Hong Haksoon.

One day in 1998, I encountered Wink Tokki.

I'm creating Wink Tokki World,

inspired by Wink Tokki's wink signals.

Hong Haksoon

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